El Paso Pug Rescue


Shoe Drive

FundraisersAmanda Herrera

The El Paso Pug Rescue has teamed up with a group called Fund2Orgs to start a shoe drive. They will donation funds to the El Paso Pug Rescue for every pair of gently used shoes we receive.

This shoe drive help people in developing nations, so your donations will make a huge impact by helping both people and animals!

We can only accept new or gently used shoes.

Donations can be dropped off at any El Paso Petco location.

Thank you!

Fundraiser for Brindle Strays Medical Expenses

Fundraisers, Ms. Bea, BradAmanda Herrera

We started a new fundraiser for our brindle strays!

Please donate here: www.gofundme.com/eppr-medical-fund

We received 2 brindle strays on October 7, 2015, and we did our best to find their original owners, but no one has come forward. It has been 3 weeks that we have searched for them, so now we need to add these two pups into our rescue which means they will need to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, placed on Heartgard, and microchipped.

We have affectionately named them Brad and Ms. Bea.

Ms. Bea appears to be a Boston Terrier / Pug Mix, about 4 years old, and a recent mommy. She is a very loving little girl.

Brad appears to be a Boston Terrier / Pug Mix, also about a year old, and he is just as affectionate as Ms. Bea. We believe she may be his mom.

Please help if you can by donating and sharing our fundraiser.

If you'd prefer to make a donation directly to our veterinary clinic, please contact East El Paso Animal Hospital at (915) 593-1712, and mention that you'd like to make a donation for the El Paso Pug Rescue.

Thank you!

Fundraiser for our 501(c)3 Application

Behind the Scenes, FundraisersAmanda Herrera

We started a small fundraiser for our 501(c)3 application!
Please donate: www.gofundme.com/elpasopugrescueIRS

EPPR is in the process for applying for our 501(c)3 status, but our application will cost $400 to submit. We cannot apply for grants until our application is approved, so this application is a very important short-term goal. The additional $50 is the fee to register our Service Mark.

Since we are a new rescue, we are incredibly underfunded. We have been forced to send our most recent rescues out of El Paso because we were unable to afford their medical expenses, and that is unfortunate.

We have huge aspirations to make a difference in our community, but we cannot do it alone. We appreciate even the smallest of donations because everything helps, and we are eternally grateful for any support our friends and community can offer.

**This fundraiser is only for some of our start-up expenses that we need help with ASAP. We will have other fundraisers to help with medical expenses soon.**