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Ginny Went Home!

Happy Tails, GinnyAmanda Herrera

Hello everyone,

I'm so happy to announce that our sweet Ginny finally found a home! She was adopted by wonderful people who we know will give her a great life. Due to Ginny's anxiety with other dogs, we were willing to offer a weekend trial in her potential new home to see if she would get along with their senior dog, and she had a great weekend! She got along famously with her new brother! When I went by to complete the adoption process and say goodbye, I could see the happiness in Ginny's eyes as she sat on her new Mom's lap and gazed up at her lovingly. I had never seen Ginny look so content. I want to wish Ginny all the happiness in the world with her new family; she truly deserves it.


Ginny is still looking for a family of her own!

GinnyAmanda Herrera

Hello Pug friends,

Ginny was a FEATURED PUG on our Facebook page over a month ago, but we only received two applications for her. Unfortunately, one home was not a fit for her, and the other home bought a puppy during their application processing time (background checks can take up to a week) and didn't want her anymore. I'm glad Ginny is doing well in her foster home. It would be heart-breaking if dogs understood when people didn't want them. 

Today, I want to talk a little bit about Ginny's story and the life she led before she came to us on June 15, 2015. Ginny was surrendered to us by a family who was going through some personal issues, and decided to give her away. They had her since she was a puppy. During her life, she had her legs broken twice, was impregnated by a large dog, and was subsequently spayed after loosing her puppies. She was not house-trained when we got her, and didn't respond to her name even though she had it all of her life.

Ginny is an amazing Pug. She is a happy and healthy girl. She is very smart, and was house-trained in about a week. She hasn't had an accident in over a month. She answers to her name now too. We've taken her to some of our Puggy outings, and she does really well in public settings. Her 5th birthday was August 2nd, but she is still a really active lady. She loves going on long walks and going swimming! She is such a fun girl who would love to go on adventures with you, She is also very affectionate and loves to be held.

If you are interested in adopting Ginny, please go to our How-To-Adopt Page, or if you know anyone who would give Ginny the amazing life she deserves, please tell them about her.

Pet Heroes Adoption Event

Ginny, Adoption EventsAmanda Herrera

We would like to thank Pet Heroes Dog Grooming East for inviting us to their grand opening and for giving our foster Ginny a free manicure! Their groomer offered free grooming and de-ticking for the Pugs in our rescue, which is a huge help for us! We also received more donated supplies from our awesome supporter, Tracy! Thank you for all of your help!