El Paso Pug Rescue

Update on Pepper and her Recovery

PepperAmanda Herrera

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to give you an update on Pepper, who is currently our only adoptable dog. She was spayed on Monday, and is recovering quite well. This girl has been through so much in her little life. Pepper came into El Paso Animal Service having just been mauled by another dog, and we weren't completely sure she would survive her injuries. Since she was in such fragile condition, the shelter couldn't adopt her to the public, and would've had to euthanize her if we did not step in. They let us take her into our rescue where she has been recovering for the last month. Pepper has shown us what a tough girl she is, and how she is truly a survivor. She still has some tenderness on her hind right leg, but other than that, she is in great health. She will be ready for adoption in about another week! Whoever adopts this girl will truly have an amazing dog who was literally on the brink of death and in serious need a loving home.

I also want to point out how small we are right now, with only one available pet, but since we are still trying to figure out where to get funds and applying for our 501 (c)(3), it's ok for us to start small!